Elizabeth from The Fairy Tale Blog has published an interview with Sheree, about how the Keeping Up With The Penguins project came about and how the average reader can get the most out of their reading life.

“My life looks completely, totally, 100% different than it did when I first started Keeping Up With The Penguins. That night I sat down to make my reading list, I was working a corporate job (a million hours a week, miserable), and had almost no life outside of that. Now, I’m a full-time writer, blogger, studying writing as a post-grad, doing some social media work for other bloggers, and just generally living a life that I love and for which I feel extremely grateful every day.”

– Sheree (Interview: The Fairy Tale Blog, 4 June 2019)

You can read the interview in full on The Fairy Tale Blog here. (If you scroll right through to the end, you’ll find out which book Sheree would want with her on a desert island, and which fictional character she’d call upon to get her off it!)

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