Sheree’s piece Intolerant has been published in the University of Sydney Student Anthology of 2019.

Credit: University of Sydney Student Anthology website

The anthology has been published annually since 2007. It is created and produced by post-graduate publishing students, and showcases the creative works of University of Sydney students. The 2019 anthology theme was ‘Diversity’.

Sheree’s piece, Intolerant, is a fragmentary essay about the lived experience of living and eating as a person with dietary requirements (specifically, Coeliac disease). It explores the general lack of awareness and understanding when it comes to food intolerances, and common questions and problems faced by people with conditions that require them to eat differently to those around them.

Sheree attended the launch of the anthology at the University of Sydney on 6 March. Copies of the anthology are now available via the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, or by emailing

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